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       "Our Mission"

"To provide effective and innovative solutions to complex business challenges through management advisory, diversity program and technical and administrative support services in order to maximize productivity and profitability for our clients."

Quality. We do the job right the first time.  
Teamwork. We believe in the tremendous power of working together.  
Innovation. We strive to implement fresh and unique business solutions.  
Flexibility. We adapt to and manage change effectively.  
Integrity. We adhere to the highest moral standards in our business functions.  
Commitment. We continue to maintain a steadfast duty to our mission, our values, our clients and our employees.  

Acie O. Phillips, Jr. - President, CEO
Acie Phillips is the founder and President of A.O. Phillips & Associates. Acie has distinguished himself as a leader and visionary in entrepreneurship, strategic planning, change management, cost control and corporate operations governance. Prior to starting A.O. Phillips & Associates in 1982, he served as Vice President and Group Controller of GeoSource Inc., where he directed financial planning & analysis, accounting & treasury services, and corporate acquisitions. Prior to joining GeoSource, he spent several years with major corporations in various financial management capacities. They include:
  • Rockwell International Division Controller.
  • Texas Instruments Corporate Internal Audit.
  • Cameron Cost Accounting and Price Controls.
  • Acie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management/Accounting from Tuskegee University with advanced coursework (MBA) at University of Houston. As a previous State Commission Member of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Board appointed by the Governor, his past and current community and civic involvement is extensive.


    B. T. Williams, Jr., P.E., Registered Texas Professional Structural Engineer - Technical Services
    B.T. is a registered professional engineer with 29 years of experience in engineering management, design and construction. Prior to joining A.O. Phillips & Associates, B. T. held several operations, program and project management positions with major corporations including Montgomery Watson Americas, Ebasco Service Inc., Resource Engineering (ENSR) and Bernard Johnson. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architectural Engineering and is a graduate from Prairie View A&M University.


    Nick Wallace - Buisness Services
    Nick, a graduate of Texas A&M University and the University of Utah, has over 34 years of experience in managing people and resources. His background encompasses corporate experience in sales, finance , and production in various industries including, finance, oil & gas, marine, aerospace, and medicine.Prior to joining A.O.Phillips & Associates, Nick worked for several major companies that include:

    • Project Manager, Financial Consulting - Greater Houston Wastewater Program.
    • Manging Director, The Magellan Group.
    • Vice President, Int'l Project Devlopment and Finance, Taylor-DeJongh Ltd.
    • Vice President, World Banking Group - Bank of America.
    • District Manager, Manufacturers Hanover Corp.


    Beverly A. Adams - Manager, Quality Control
    Beverly has over 29 years experience in Operations Control and Reporting. Prior to joining A. O. Phillips & Associates, she was Fiscal Control Manager for Underwood Neuhaus and Operations Support Manager for Rotan Mosle with responsibility that covered 23 branch offices across the nation. As Quality Control Manager, Beverly coordinates the fiscal aspect of all client engagements to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget while meeting or exceeding project objectives.


    In addition to our key executives, our staff includes professionals from a vast array of expertise in several areas in order to easily define and best relate to the needs of our clients.

    Professional Expertise
    • Systems Development
    • Corporate & Community Outreach
    • Cost/Price Enhancements
    • Operational Assessment
    • Change Management
    • Marketing
    • Operations Management
    • Policy Analysis & Evaluation
    • Program Management
    • Public Relations
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Technical Assistance
    • Training

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