Texas Department of Transportation (State of Texas)

Professional Services Contract Performance Period: 2013- 2017

Construction Contract Performance Period: 2015-2020


TxDOT Alliance Program Director

Description & Project Relevance

  • To train and provide supportive services to TxDOT relevant HUBs and DBEs.
  • Increase minority bidding, contract participation, and contract awards at the sub and prime contracting levels on TxDOT contracts statewide.
  • Community Outreach, Marketing, and Training to HUB/DBE contractors to bid and partner with prime contractors on TxDOT Contracts.

Scope of Work

Increase HUB/DBE contractor bidding and contract award participation statewide

Project Size

State of Texas


$4.5 Billion Dollar Project

Your team’s dedication and loyalty to TxDOT’s small business development program is truly the example of success for the DBEs’ program.  There are many small businesses that have truly developed to do business with TxDOT while working with your supportive services team.  I appreciate all you have done to make that happen.

Beverly Longfellow, Contract Specialist, TxDOT Civil Rights Division

Project Achievements

HUB Program Participants
Sub & Prime Contracts
DBE Program Participants
Awarded Contracts

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